A third of employers are unhappy with graduates’ attitude to work

A third of companies are unhappy with graduates’ attitude to work, blaming their lack of resilience and self-management skills.

Graduates also lack cultural awareness, according one in three employers, while 40 per cent  said that new graduates lack customer awareness.

The report, published by the CBI and Pearson, also found that three quarters of businesses were looking to increase the number of high-skilled jobs they recruit for, but that 61 per cent feared that they wouldn’t be able to fill those roles.

The new research coincides with growing concern among graduate employers about the ‘millennial’ generation’s attitude to work.

Crescens George, chief operating officer of Be Wiser Insurance group, told The Telegraph that graduates are not prepared for “the real world of work”, and often require “ego-massaging”.

“You would expect that university education would teach some basic business etiquette, and certainly communication skills.”

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