I would just like to inform you both that I have just applied for a graduate job with a prestigious company, Anglian Water. The job I imagine is highly sought after and I do not expect to be successful with my application, however I felt confident to apply and spent hours on my application doing it to the best of my ability. Without your coaching from the course I did with yourselves at Leeds University I would never of even dreamed of applying for a job such as this, as I would of considered this far out of my league.
So thank you both for your encouraging words and giving me the confidence to really (as cheesy as it sounds) reach for ambitious goals!

Amy – Students’ union elected officer

A short while ago you came to do a session at our University Union, and I just wanted to thank you for that. I was in the process of applying for a job that I really wanted to get, but with almost double the salary I’m on now and a lot of responsibility, I didn’t think I’d get it. Although I had already been shortlisted to interview stage, I had not yet had my interview. Your whole session really gave me the confidence to believe in myself and what I was talking about in the interview, even though I suspected that I was up against those who were more experienced than me. I must have done something right because I managed to get the job!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for coming to the union and delivering the session, and I’m sure the day was as useful for everyone else as it was for me. As officers we are lucky enough to experience some phenomenal things, and learn a huge amount…however it can be difficult harnessing what you’ve learnt and taking it forward. Although I have a job to go to, I’ve been browsing the website and there are lessons and tips there that I will be sure to remember for any future job hunting I do as well.

Katie – Students’ union elected officer

“I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been the successful candidate for a new job as a ‘Partnership Development Officer’ at DMU. I’m absolutely thrilled (especially as I get a pension straight away!) and just wanted to say thank you for the day you spent with us at DSU and the subsequent phone call. I’m certain it contributed a lot to be able to perform well at all aspects of the interview stages.”

Lynette Williams, President DSU

“Just to let you know, I got the six week paid internship in London. Hopefully I’ll be one of the two chosen for the full graduate scheme! Thanks a lot for your help with my CV – it’s been massively important in helping me to get the job.”

Mitchell – graduate intern

“I have really enjoyed and benefited from my one-to-one meetings with Steve Cooley. It has really opened my eyes in terms of what skills I had obtained through working as a national officer for the National Union of Students, and being a trustee for Scope. Steve has taught me what individual assets I should highlight, both in interviews and CVs, to make a good impression. Through his help, I gained the confidence to pitch myself for jobs I previously thought I did not have the skills for, and I am now a Disability Adviser at the University of Arts London! Although professional, Steve is really friendly in his manner, and I would definitely encourage other people to use their services to achieve great things in their careers!”

Rupy Kaur

“Turning a new page on your career, due to circumstances outside your control, in my case the Government’s decision to close the organisation I was working for, can be un-nerving to say the least. I have worked with Proventure as a recruiter in recent years and have always found the service they provide to be of the highest standards. So it was interesting to see how they would respond to my needs as a job seeker. I was not disappointed. The advice, guidance and insights that Steve Cooley provided, not only furnished me with the practical skills needed to navigate the corporate recruitment process, but also boosted my confidence, allowing me to focus on presenting myself in a positive and effective manner. I would like to record my thanks and would highly recommend Steve and his colleagues, for their professional, constructive and responsive approach”.

Simon, Senior Executive

“Going through any selection process is gruelling and challenging, and that’s certainly the case when seeking to be a University Vice-Chancellor. I found Steve Cooley’s advice and guidance through the process when I was applying to be Vice-Chancellor at the University of Bedfordshire enormously helpful and I’m certain it helped me to succeed. With a really professional understanding of the recruitment process for a very senior executive position, Steve demystified the process and gave me confidence. He was also constructively challenging which stretched me and I believe enabled me to perform better at interview and with my presentation for my final interview. Steve’s understanding of how selection panels work, and the process they go through to reach a decision was also enormously useful. In short Steve’s advice was hugely beneficial in helping me to succeed. I would highly recommend him to any aspiring candidate for a senior executive position”.

Bill Rammell, former Minister of Higher Education and current Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire

“I really feel fortunate to have this wealth of resources – the quality and quantity of advice was excellent. It is something that I feel I want to keep dipping into. I want to go back and make notes from the pages and have already started to action some of the advice eg redeveloping my CV and thinking about the covering letter. I have seen some of the advice elsewhere and so I have already done some work on getting to know myself and my motivations and practicing communicating these. I haven’t seen before such detailed advice on covering letters, and the different types of application and how to approach them. I certainly haven’t seen it packaged on an easy to navigate website before. Maybe it does exist, but I haven’t seen it.     Laura

I came to Proventure’s training at a particularly low point, with dented confidence and confused about how to move forward.  The process the training took me through helped me to clarify my own aspirations, build confidence in my personal offer and then gave me the tools to present myself on paper and at interview in a way that was compelling.  The training was key to my securing a new role that met my ambitions.     David

“I used Steve Cooley as an advisor after I lost my seat and was seeking employment. Steve’s help, advice and support was incredibly valuable and helpful. As someone who had not applied for a job for 13 years, Steve demystified the process for me. He gave expert, professional advice on presentation and personal pitch. His explanation of the recruitment process from the perspective of the employer-what they were looking for, their desire for reassurance, the likely numbers involved at various stages of the process was enormously helpful and reassuring. Steve’s list of likely questions at interview was exhaustive and really helped me prepare. And every question which came up, Steve had anticipated. Using Steve as a consultant significantly boosted my confidence in going for jobs, and undoubtedly helped me to become a University Deputy Vice-Chancellor. I would highly recommend his services.”     Bill Rammell, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Plymouth University and former MP and Minister of State in Government

“Thanks to the training received from ‘Proventure’ I was totally prepared for my interview, felt relaxed throughout and most importantly got the job!”    Christine

“Immensely useful, honest and realistic.  Will be a revelation for many colleagues”     Isobel

“Overall, really good. I found out that despite thinking I know a lot about this area, I know very little! Felt the course offered a good mix of practical and emotional advice.”     Andrew

“One of the most valuable and well managed training courses I have ever participated on! Thank you.”     Catherine

“After the peer support training received from ‘Proventure’ I was able to confidently guide colleagues through the job application process: the majority have secured either interviews or jobs; with one colleague saying she ‘felt reinvigorated and inspired’ after one of our sessions”     Christine

“All excellent – a little scary but very good at getting us thinking about what’s needed.”     Nicky

“Spent three hours on this website without realising the time go by. As a recruiter I can’t think of anything that’s missing. Comprehensive, honest and thorough.”    Joe

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