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Once you have identified a role you wish to go for, you have to apply for it. You have control over what you say and to a large extent, how you say it. You can give yourself a real edge. Don’t just rely on being great at interview once you are ‘in front of somebody’. The vast majority of the time you will need to complete a written application. Whether this is via a CV, covering letter, person specification or application form, you will need flexibility, focus and clarity.

You cannot change your career, who you are or your achievements. But you can shape how you present your CV, how you highlight your achievements and suitability to the role; you can convincingly demonstrate how you can do the role in a cover letter. Every process is different. In this section we address how you should approach all the different elements. You will improve and develop your application skills and be able to adapt to the differing requirements of each employer.

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