Deloitte uses gamification to source talent

Deloitte has turned to gamification in order to find their next batch of skilled people.

The firm needs to hire 200 apprentices and this gaming-style app, which sees players go through a forest kingdom and finding fireflies for lights, is seen as the one to help identify the right applicants.

It was designed by Glyn Humphreys, Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, in the hope that candidates from poorer backgrounds would triumph where they would have otherwise struggled with traditional application methods.

If this is successful, it will be expanded to all recruitment programmes.

Rob Fryer, Head of Student Recruitment at Deloitte, said: “We are already beginning to see the direct impact of this technology.  A student who participated in ASPIRE, our work experience programme for students from less privileged backgrounds, measured one of the highest scores ever seen for the potential to innovate.  This is exactly the sort of person we hoped the game would help us identify.  The old recruitment process would have been less suited to this person, but they possess the skills Deloitte needs.”

Deliotte is not the only company do endorse gamification. The ride-hailing company Uber and KPMG have both used gamification to attract talent.

Deloitte has also recently scrapped appraisals and introduced ‘no-name’ CVs.

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