Our “forum” is now active – to share, discuss, ponder or question

[private]Career Advice for Me has now added its latest development to the website – the Forum. As a subscriber you have full access to all the forum topics and so can both read and respond to postings you find interesting or useful. We hope that the forum is a chance for you to discuss issues and share information with each other. This might be observations on recent interviews, great routes to your perfect job or ways of hurdling or bypassing barriers to your perfect job. Of course we will be adding our input at times – but we dont know everything so welcome your views. The forum is also a way of interacting with us. You can pose questions on any part of career management, no matter how large or small. In responding to your questions we hope that all subscribers will benefit from our answers. As with all forums, work or personal, they are only as good as the contributions from subscribers.
Please note that you should not be concerned about what you write in postings on the forum. The forum can only be seen by fellow subscribers, it is not public. Also there are instructions in the forum itself on how to create a ‘nickname’ to use for postings so no-one knows who you are. You can be anonymous.

You can enter the forum via the top toolbar menu on the site (over on the righthand side). Have a look and let us know your thoughts.

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