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[private]As previously discussed routes to  roles through social media are growing. A digital approach can help you be found by employers, while allowing you the opportunity to search for roles.

A strong social media presence and identity is vital in the competitive graduate jobs market, according to Nokia’s Global Marketing Talent Acquisition Manager and Social HR lead.

Last week Nokia, along with graduate job portal Milkround, hosted a series of social CV surgeries on how to build a perfect social CV. The briefings were led by Nokia’s Rebecca Gloyne, who believes that having a standout digital CV is the key for graduates to get the job they want.

Gloyne advises that graduates should consider the ’30-second rule’ as the first step to making an effective social media profile. “When a recruiter’s looking at a digital CV the golden rule is that you search for 30 seconds – if that person doesn’t stand out then you generally move onto the next one,” she says.

Gloyne also believes that, when looking for a job, it’s not just about your A4 sheet of paper CV. Graduates should be proactive in their job search, leveraging their social media platforms or they could miss out. “When I’m on Twitter the one thing I’m looking out for is trendsetters, people who really showcase their initiative, their passion. It’s a great way for spotting up and coming talent,” Gloyne adds.

Gloyne also advised on some of the do’s and don’ts of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn:

– Make your LinkedIn profile standout with your one sentence story – showcase your skills, experience and expertise

– Don’t post anything online that you wouldn’t want seen on a billboard

– Don’t wait for jobs to appear on a jobs board – go out there and network

– Facebook is your social space – keep it separate from your professional life

– If you want to keep your Twitter profile for personal use make it obvious in your bio

Nokia has a Facebook page for its talent community, which they manage as a way of communicating events they’re running around the world, showcasing what it is like to be employed at Nokia and keeping the group informed of career opportunities.

Since Gloyne took over responsibility for the group last year, it has grown from 5,000 members to over 23,000+ members.

“We are really looking after our future talent,” says Gloyne. “I had an email this morning – a guy wrote to me saying, ‘I probably wouldn’t have joined Nokia if I hadn’t joined your future Facebook group’.

“I wrote back and asked him why and he said, ‘You made me fall in love with Nokia.’ It’s exactly what we want to achieve – by sharing unique and engaging content, we can generate real excitement and put Nokia in the forefront of their mind as a company that they want to work for.”

Have you joined the facebook or linked groups relevent to you? Now might be the time.

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