You’re Not Alone!

It’s tough. You are a square peg in a round hole; you don’t fit in anymore. You want more, but doesn’t everybody? The sense of frustration, of wasted potential and missed opportunities is getting to you.

Everyone feels like this at some point. You can learn from other’s experience and in turn help others with your experience. If you have specific areas you want us to cover, tell us. Be aware we are likely to share your questions anonymously. We will try to reply to all the issues raised. By seeing what others are going through and saying, we hope you will realise that we are all in this together. We may not admit it, but we all have moments of fear, of self-doubt and of absolute elation at well deserved success.

We will keep adding resources, links, hints and tips. We do not have all the answers – but we know we can get you the answers you need now, and tomorrow, and the next day….

The Forum is a great place to raise questions, share experiences, or give support and hints to others. Under News we’ll update you on new content.

Let us know if you come across good – or bad – experiences of job hunting, job selection or interviewing. Finally, do pass it on. Yes, it is a competition; yes you want to win. But if we’ve learnt anything it is that by helping others we also help ourselves; even if it just helps us to feel good for five minutes. So do pass on the good, the help, the encouragement, the support, the passion, the focus and the tenacity.

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