Workers feel the pinch (CIPD)

[private]The recent CIPD survey makes some grim reading, with so many people expecting a pay freeze or cut, in the face of higher inflation.  Nearly a third of public sector staff think they might lose their jobs – more than any other sector and nearly twice that in the private sector. Communication is still seen as critical to staff.  People like clarity and a sense of direction, especially in the face of adversity. With a whopping 80% of public sector employers having made or considering redundancies, and pay freezes affecting 42% of the private sector and 44% of the voluntary sector, there is still a lot of gloom out there.  Despite this, 19% of all staff are looking for a new role, although this is down on the last quarter. The impression is that employees are still hunkering down, waiting for signs of improvement in the economy. Is this a time to plan your next move? In adversity, opportunities always come about, but they might be internal rather than with a new employer.

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